Our story begins in 2013

How and why was Strix founded?

Strix is a digital marketing agency born out of a pure love of marketing and sales. The desire to help brands develop their business and achieve concrete results began in 2013. when I entered the world of entrepreneurship.

„Petrako“ is my first startup that I realized with friends from high school, after winning first place in the national competition of the best student companies, we went to London for the European competition where we took fifth place out of 60 teams.

During the competition I was in charge for marketing and sales, that was key milestone for my further career.

I gained experience working for local and global marketing agencies on projects for clients such as Phillip Morris, Coca Cola, Addidas, Gazprom, Samsung ...

The experience and knowledge that I managed to gain play a significant role even today, 

Digital marketing was for me the fastest and the most logical way to accomplish my desire and that is to help brands realize the true power of marketing and to achieve concrete results that will be sustainable.

In order for the digital marketing service to be of high quality, it was necessary to form a team that will cover all areas and thus provide full support to brands online.

Today, Strix brings together young and ambitious people, full of new ideas and energy to overcome your business challenges. Our goal is to enter into a partnership that will last for years, we are honest and transparent in our work.

We do not compromise with the quality of service we provide and selflessly invest our knowledge and work in the development of your business.

I am convinced that our Love-Idea-Vision-Ambition formula is recognized by brands that sincerely care about developing their business and cultivate the same feelings towards their business as we do.

If you find yourself in our / your formula and want concrete results and an agency that you can sincerely rely on, write to us!

Schedule a free online consultation in a period of 30 minutes to meet over coffee and assess whether there is room for cooperation to the mutual satisfaction.

Lazar Krgović
Founder & Managing Director Lazar Krgovic

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