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What do we offer ?

We offer you complete care for your brand on social networks.

You can leave the entire process from opening a profile to creating a campaign and reporting to us, while you focus on your business, we will get the most out of your social networks..

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Social Media Marketing


The great potential for the development of each brand lies in them. The base of social network users is growing every day, thus increasing your ability to reach new customers who are interested in what you have to offer them.

What is a great challenge is the fact that in addition to the growth of users, the number of brands that are struggling to convey their message to an interested audience is growing.

Every day, users are flooded with a huge number of ads from all sides. The essence is to gain the audience’s attention and stand out from the rest. That’s where we perform!


Through paid advertising, we reach concrete and measurable results, we convey your message to interested customers and we encourage them to make your brand their first choice when shopping. We spend your resources rationally in order to ensure the best possible return on investment and provide you with the highest possible profit

By running social networks, we build a community of loyal consumers around your brand. We encourage communication with new and existing clients and inform them about innovations, special offers and values that you stand for.

Why does your business need social media marketing?

The list of reasons is quite long, but we tried to summarize only some of the most important reasons why your brand should have quality support on social networks:

2.9 billion registered Facebook users and 1.2 billion Instagram users

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Social networks are the most effective way to provoke a search for a product or service with a well-defined target group.

Accurate data measurement, all activities that take place online can be tracked through various reports, when you know how to interpret them in the right way you reduce the chance of error when creating content and promotional campaigns

Social networks are still one of the cheapest ways to raise awareness about your brand, get concrete results (sales) and build a community of loyal consumers

Our clients about us

The Strix team helped us make the opening of our bar in the heart of Skadarlija spectacular. Every week new people contact us via Instagram and the gigs are full of guests every weekend. This is the cheapest and fastest way for us to reach new guests

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Campaign results on social networks

Running social networks and creating a promotional campaign with the support of influencers have brought excellent results after only a few months of cooperation

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