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Google advertising

The fastest way to reach interested customers!

When we search for a product / service, additional information or a solution to a problem we have, we usually do so through Google search engine.

Google ads is the most efficient way to reach a consumer who is looking for products or services in your business area.

It often happens that brands fail to use their full potential because they direct their efforts to the wrong communication channels.

If the products or services you offer are searched through Google search engine often enough and in sufficient numbers, then Google advertising is a sure path to success, and we can help you with that!

Strix consulting results

We will place your offer in front of the interested people and that will increase your customer base, and boost your sales!

The methods we apply are efficient and have been tested many times, we have managed to significantly improve the clients’ business after only a few weeks of business with previously defined and realistic goals and appropriate budgets.

The best results are achieved when Google advertising is supported with other communication channels  such as Instagram or Facebook.

What our clients say

"We have been cooperating successfully for several months," Our business has increased by 30%, which is a great success for us, we will continue to cooperate in the coming period for sure. "

Milos Founder

Results of our campaigns

Due to the entry of „big players“ into the food delivery business, it was necessary to apply advanced techniques in Google advertising in order to achieve significant results.

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Our team can offer you Google advertising in three different formats:

Google Advertising
Search Campaigns

We use to show your ad when someone searches for a specific word or phrase:

„restaurant in Chicago“, „Carpet cleaning Chicago“ „dentist near me or anything similar.

This way we reach out to people who need a particular product or service from your offering.

Google advertising through search campaigns gives extremely good results and is often used when you need to get concrete results in the shortest possible time.

Google Advertising
Display Campaigns

The Google Display network reaches more than two million websites

Such sites gather a large number of people with similar interests, which is important

Also display ads are great for remarketing, where we reach visitors who have already been to your site and remind them of your offer.

Display advertising can help keep your brand, product, or service in front of potential clients at every stage of the sales process.

Google Advertising
YouTube Campaigns

We distribute promotional video material of your brand to a precisely defined audience that watches a certain type of content.

This is one of the cheapest ways to send your message to your target audience.

YouTube advertising is usually combined with other advertising channels

With more than 1.5 billion active monthly users one-third of the Internet, YouTube is a crucial component of a successful paid advertising campaign.

Google advertising for your brand in one place

We provide a complete Google advertising service consisting of:

Free analysis of your website