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A website is like an ID card for your business if you do not have it or it is not good enough, you have significantly limited opportunities to enter the local and global market and present your business in the right way.

Due to the possibility of making your offer available to people from all over the world, a large number of brands decide to completely switch their business to online sales channels due to significant savings but also the benefits that this type of business brings.

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Creating websites is a complex process if everything is done „school“ and if you take into account all the details that need to be taken into account in order to be able to count on maximum results. It is often important for clients that the site looks good „on the eye“, but that is usually not enough if you want your site to give good results, in addition to modern design, it is necessary to cover several other important units.

The sites we create are:

The starting point of any site is to be fully consumer centric. To make it easier for them to make a purchase or find certain information. Full optimization for mobile devices is certainly a priority because almost 80% of all searches are performed via a mobile phone. If your site is not well enough optimized for mobile searches, it will significantly reduce the chances of achieving concrete results through your site.

All sites are made so that later they can be upgraded, expanded and developed. This is a very important segment that leaves customers the opportunity to upgrade the site later and not to do it from scratch.

We can offer on-page and off-page optimization of your website. This will help your website to be at the top of Google search when someone searches for certain keywords relevant to your business. We also can create a network of links that will increase the authority of your website and thus it will be better ranked in the Google search engine for certain keywords.

We are able to create custom solutions for your business and your needs. We strive to make your site unique and different from others already on the market in order to provide you with easy recognition and set you apart from the competition

The security of your site, yours and user data is of great importance, so we place special emphasis on stable and secure sites. Website speed is key to good business performance in the online environment.

What does a website development service include?

Website development includes the following units:

Business analysis

We analyze the areas of your business and start researching the market in order to make your site as tailored as possible to your target group.

Development of web draft

We are starting the process of creating a site where your site gets a visual look, color text images, contact forms ... In this phase you get a clear picture of what your website will look like and what functionalities it will have.

Testing phase

When you are satisfied with the design of the site and all the functionalities, the phase of testing and finishing certain segments and wholes begins in order for the site to get its final shape.


After testing is successfully done After testing is successfully done we start optimization of your website for all devices

Launch phase

Your site is live, and available to all users, we suggest additional marketing activities that will speed up the process of reaching new customers and increasing sales.

Sites we've been working on recently
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I wanted a site different from the competition so that my company would be recognizable. Strix Tim made me a solution that users really like and, most importantly for me, the site is completely adapted to clients. In just a few seconds, the user gets all the necessary information that is important to him to make a decision whether our services are for them or not. I think this is the main value and what completely sets us apart from the competition

KV carpet Care

In the first six months of cooperation, we achieved the following results:


Izrada sajta je zahtevala dosta vremena kako bi se osmislilo najbolje rešenje da se sajt prilagodi korisnicima koji u samo par klikova mogu da saznaju sve što ih zanima. 

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